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Dr. Levis utilizes the latest evidence-based techniques in his practice to ensure that you always receive the best possible result. Our services include:

Root canal

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Root canal involves restoring an unhealthy tooth to a healthy condition. This could be the result of decay or mechanical, chemical, or physical trauma. The affected tissue is removed and replaced with a root canal filling. The tooth must be restored with the appropriate restoration once root canal is completed.  

Micro Endodontics

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Micro endodontics uses enhanced imaging such as a microscope to perform root canal treatment.


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The latest filling material, bioceramic, can be used to complete the root canal treatment. Bioceramics offer better sealing ability and adhesion to the internal structure of the tooth than conventional gutta percha.


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Incomplete root development can be brought to completion by applying internal medications to stimulate root growth.

Non-Surgical Retreatment

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Teeth already treated with root canal therapy can be treated non-surgically. This alleviates the need for an additional surgical procedure with the same outcome. 

Regenerative Endodontics

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Recently, stem cells have been stimulated to bring an underdeveloped tooth to its completion using regenerative procedures. 

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